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GYL Brands is the parent company to Dabble! and Dabble! Gaming but includes so much more. GYL includes the Greening your Life Facebook Page, Facebook group,, and the book that started it all "A Beginners Guide To Greening Your Life". The Greening your life series is built on promoting sustainability and cleaner, greener life. It was the Greening Your Life book and sites that led to the Realistic Sustainability Podcast hosted by Michael and Nicholas Nazarian. Realistic Sustainability focuses on those little changes we can actually make while reducing our carbon footprint while increasing our positive footprint. Another great brand is the Live Launch Franchise which includes a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and which are all dedicated to the joys of aerospace and post live rocket launches! Of course last but certainly not least, GYL is the parent company to Dabble community enrichment centers and gaming leagues, and tournaments. 

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Resume and Interview Skills

Sometimes getting feedback can make a world of difference. GYL brands llc will be holding a resume builder and interview class to help residents sharpen their skills and land that dream job.  This class will focus on:

  • Creating the right resume for the job

  • Job search and interview etiquette

  • Preparation and dress code

  • Body language and verbiage

  • How to navigate the interview process

* This class will help you gain the confidence to push for that dream job you have always wanted.  


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Facebook Pages and Groups
For Business

  • Mechanics of building a site and why you should

  • Esthetics & Navigation Ease

  • What marketing to share and how often.

  • How to measure success using back-office analytics

  • Even monetizing your page or group.

* This is a first-level overview of doing business using social media and how to manage your accounts.  


This is a beginners-level class that will walk you through building your own Facebook Page or Group to help market your business. Bring your laptop because we will build them onsite or if you already have your own, let's look to optimize to maximize your companies exposure! This beginners level session will focus on:

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Facebook Ads for Business

Having a social media presence is only the first step to bolstering your business. This course will help business owners through the process of creating effective Facebook ads that will quickly build your customer base.


  • How creating Facebook ads helps your business

  • Difference kinds of Facebook ads and when to use them

  • How to build an effective ad

  • How to manage your budgets

  • How to know if they are working

* This class will help you design and post ads that are 100% relevant to your business and help build the client base you need to flourish.  

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Computer Basics

Dabble is now hosting basic computer classes for adults. This is a great opportunity to build some basic computer skills to help you will everyday life or even work. 


  • Basics of how your computer works

  • Browser Basics

  • Internet connection

  • Basic Troubleshooting

  • Q&A

* This is an entry-level computer class that helps you understand the basic use and functions of a personal Windows computer.

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