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STEMNETICS is a dynamic program based in Michigan, aimed to expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands-on projects.  We offer programming during and after school, workshops for families and students, and professional development for teachers.The mission of STEMNETICS is to prepare students with 21st Century Skills through the utilization of hands-on activities. In order for our economy and our society to excel, it is important that students are able to think critically and be effective problem solvers. Through our interactive programs, we have developed a curriculum for students to think outside the box and apply their educational knowledge to real-world situations.




   1. Expose students and parents to STEM

​   2. Increase student retention rate through introducing relevancy to the real world

​   3. Develop student ability to think critically and be effective problem solvers

​   4. Equip teachers with additional tools for project-based learning

​   5. Further develop job-ready skills for parents


K-6rd Grade Students

These are basic science classes that help young learners understand the basics of the scientific method while getting to build hands-on fun projects. Younger students will work on:

  • Basic hand-eye coordination

  • The basics of systems thinking and root cause analysis

  • Focus and organizational skills

  • Self-confidence and pride in the effort


* Young STEM classes will help students focus on learning that can lead to improvements in all aspects of their education. 

Classes are every Monday from 5:30p-7p

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Program Pricing

Weekly Rate
1 class session (1.5 hours)
$10.00 per class
The da Vinci Package
 5 class sessions (7.5 hours)
$45.00 ($9.00 per class)
The Sagan Package
 15 class sessions (22.5 hours)
$130.00 ($8.66 per class)
The Einstein Package
30 class sessions (45 hours)
$240.00 ($8.00 per class)
If you would like to donate to the STEMNETICS STEM classes please click the link below. For every $10.00 we will offer a class scholarship for a student that needs one.  If you are a business and would like to have your logo added below for your donation or other free marketing please be sure to contact us after donating so we can get your information. Thank you to all of our donors for keeping STEM education strong in our community. 
* Thank you to our business sponsors*
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