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Making Art

What's a Dabbler?

Do you possess valuable skills or knowledge that you'd like to share with others? Explore the opportunity to earn extra income at your convenience by teaching at Dabble. Whether it's imparting the basics of math to kids or instructing adults on small appliance repair, Dabble provides a space for you. Do you have a small business that operates from your home? Use Dabble as your professional space with your clients or customers. Simply register with Dabble, choose a suitable time and date, and we'll be prepared to support you. Both you and Dabble will collaborate on marketing the class or events to the local community. Who knows, you might inspire others to follow suit!  

Not interested in building a business by using Dabble but have personal events that could use the space? Dabble can help there too! From baby showers to birthday parties, Dabble has the perfect space to cover your needs. Take a look at our space HERE

Art Class

Earn Money Teaching a Skill

Dabble wants to offer you the space to spread your knowledge and have the ability to make money at the same time. Just about any skill can be presented as long as people are interested in registering.  Let Dabble help market your classes and even handling ticketing and payouts. You can choose weekly, monthly or even one time class schedules. Let Dabble help promote our classes today!


Promote Your Buisness

Dabble is a great place to let business owners educate their would-be customers. From insurance companies promoting a new policy to Pampered Chef representatives. The professional atmosphere will send the right message to would-be clients. We have the space for you.  Uses are only limited to the imagination and availability!

Yoga Class

Rent our Space

Maybe your not teaching a skill or promoting a business but you need the space for one reason or another. You can rent out Dabbles space for nearly any reason. From baby showers to private meetings, Dabble works with you. Check availability today!

Basic Rental Pricing

Monday - Wednesday (8a to 8p)
$15 per Hour
$140 per Day
Thursday - Saturday (8a to 8p)
$25 per Hour
$240 per Day
Sunday (8a to 8p)
$20 per Hour
$190 per Day
Special Events and Holidays (8a to 8p)
$30 per Hour
$300 per Day
*Booking dates and times are first come first serve and non-refundable unless canceled 15 days in advance. Rental includes the main floor only, basement available for an additional cost. Please include your setup and clean-up time when renting. 
Dabble Gaming Space
Or Call: 989.502.1112
Need food for your event? Choose one of our preferred Catering Options
Tasty Bits Catering
For more 20+ Attendees
Soul Box
For more <20 Attendees
Union Station Smoke House
Parties of all sizes
Sweet E's Treats
Snacks and Treats 
for all size parties
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