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The Upstairs Space

This space is designed for classroom, meeting, or general use space. The site offers a 65" TV that can be wirelessly connected to a laptop, a projector screen, an open floor plan and 2 large dry erase boards. The space also includes 8 removable tables and an 8 person island allowing or up to 40 table seated areas but extra chairs and can comfortably seat 50.  This space is best for education, meetings, holiday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays, and more.  

The Downstairs Space

The downstairs space has been designed for gaming tournaments, leagues, Board gaming, laptop gaming, and birthday parties.  The basic setup has 20 seats ready for any gaming you want to do. 

This floor is in process of completion. By January 3rd this site will have 8 Xbox Ones on 32" TVs connected to 250Mbs fiberoptic WiFi with 600 access points.  

Dabble Studios

We are in the process of building a video/audio recording room. This will be the new home of Realistic Sustainability the podcast and will be rentable for those who want to create their own. This is space will be perfect for those creators that want to start a podcast, TicTok, YouTube, or more. Green screens and other supplies will be available.

Need food for your event? Choose one of our preferred Catering Options
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